Africa's Talking

The Africa's Talking channel allows chatbots and agents to chat with customers via the Africa's Talking SMS.

Once you add a Africa's Talking channel, click anywhere on the channel row to configure it.




The Africa's Talking channel must be enabled before you test it. To enable the channel, click the STATUS toggle.

Before starting

Before starting, you must create Africa's Talking account.


Under the SETTINGS tab, you have the following options:

  • Enable - make the channel live to the public
  • Name - edit the channel name within the AICX platform
  • Language - set the default language for customers using this channel
  • In development - make chatbot edits live only after when the chatbot is deployed
  • Channel ID and Secret - required for the deploy script
  • Delete - remove the channel


Once a Africa's Talking channel is deleted, you will need to update the channel webhook information on your Africa's Talking Dashboard.



Once the channel is set to Live, please make sure you click the Deploy button every time you made changes on the bot.


  1. Create a New Team on your Africa's Talking account.
  1. Create an App in the team and setup the Name, Username, Country and Currency of your app.
  1. Click on the app you just created and you will be able to view your app dashboard.
  2. Copy the Username of your app. Go to Africa's Talking channel on the Proto AICX platform. Under the CONFIGURATION tab, paste the Username.
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  1. On Africa's Talking dashboard, go to Settings > API Key page to generate your API Key and paste it on Proto AICX platform.
  1. Go to SMS > Shortcodes > My Shortcodes and apply for a short code from Africa's Talking. Once you get a shortcode, add it into the Africa's Talking channel on Proto AICX platform.
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  1. Save all the required info into the Africa's Talking CONFIGURATION tab. Go to the WEBHOOK tab on Proto AICX platform, copy the Webhook URL and paste it into Africa's Talking dashboard, SMS > SMS Callback URLs > Incoming Messages page and submit the URL.
  1. Go to the Africa's Talking channel SETTINGS tab, enabled the channel and click SAVE.


Africa's Talking Sandbox

You can use Africa's Talking Sandbox App to test your chatbot before creating an actual app.