Managing permissions

Permissions in the AICX platform are equivalent to employee responsibilities in a contact centre.

There are three user group in Proto's AICX platform: Company, Chatbot and Team. Users can be assigned certain roles within each group.

Company roles

Company RolesDescription
AdminAllow users unrestricted access to all features.
ManagerAllow users unrestricted access to all features except Billing, Managing Company Users, Security and Data page.

Bot roles

Bot RolesDescription
EditorAllow users to edit chatbots.
ViewerAllow users to view chatbots.
AnnotatorAllow users to annotate chatbot dialogue.

Team roles

Team RolesDescription
Senior AgentAllow users to take over and transfer any chat or case with customers. Also allow users to view all agents' chat history and performance reports.
AgentAllow users to have chats and cases with customers.

Track role

Track RoleDescription
ObserverAllow users to manage cases that have been lodged against the Respondent that they are assigned to in Track. Understand more about observer role here.

What's a "normal" configuration?

Confused yet? ๐Ÿ˜›

Multilingual contact centers have complex responsibility structures. So the AICX platform's design of user accounts and permission levels accommodates this. Let's look at a real-world example.

Suppose we have three companies with a couple chatbots and teams:

Company AMarketingTH
Company BLineBotTeamL

Albert needs full access to all companies to provide technical support. Therefore he is:

  • Admin of Proto
  • Admin of Company A
  • Admin of Company B

Curtis needs to edit the DemoBot. He also sometimes needs to demo Agent Takeover functionality in BookingBot. Thus he is:

  • Editor of DemoBot
  • Viewer of BookingBot
  • Senior Agent of TeamEnglish under BookingBot

Ricky is a translator hired to annotate chat histories in Thai. The company does not want him to see sensitive information such as customer profiles. Thus he is:

  • Annotator of BookingBot
  • Annotator of LineBot

Vanessa is the head of customer service at CompanyB, and she sometimes handles customer chats. Thus she is:

  • Admin of Company B
  • Senior Agent of TeamL
  • Senior Agent of TeamW

Eric is the CEO. He cares for nothing but billing information, analytics, and performance reports. Thus he is:

  • Admin of Company A

William is a VIP customer support agent in Company B. She is also assigned to develop a new chatbot for the Facebook Messenger channel. She needs to copy materials from CompanyB's existing LineBot without accidentally destroying it:

  • Senior Agent of TeamL and TeamW
  • Viewer of LineBot
  • Editor of FbBot

Make sense? If not -- no worries. This will become obvious in practice. Let's proceed!

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