Twitter allows chatbots and agents to chat with customers via Twitter direct messaging.

Once you add Twitter as a channel, click anywhere on the channel row to configure it.

Signing up for a Twitter developer account



You must have a Twitter account to set up as a channel in the Proto AICX platform. If you are connecting the chatbot to a company page it is recommended that you use the company's Twitter handle (e.g. @proto_cx) and login information for the following steps.

1. Sign up for a developer account

2. Apply for Elevated access

  • In the Products > Twitter API v2 tab, apply for Elevated access level for your account.

  • Fill in your basic info and the intended use of the App. Once you're satisfied with your answer submit it for review and approval by Twitter.



It may take up to one (1) week for Twitter to review your application. Please make sure you fill in the intended use according to their policy guidelines.

3. Create a Project and App

Once Twitter has approved elevated access, you can create a project and an associated developer app.

If you did not create an app during the onboarding process, you can find the create app function in Projects & Apps tab on the left panel. Click on Overview and Add App.

4. Setup the user authentication settings on your App

  • In your App Settings, scroll down to find the User authentication settings and click Set up

  • Enable the OAuth 1.0a authentication method and select Read and Write and Direct message.

  • Fill in your organization details in the General Authentication Settings and click SAVE.

Once complete you will be able to find or generate the following credentials within your developer app Keys and tokens tab:

  • API Key and Secret: Essentially this is the username and password for your app.
  • Access Tokens and Secret: Click on the Generate button to get the access token and secret.



Your keys and tokens will only display once in the developer portal, so it is important that you store these credentials in your password management system as soon they have been generated.

If you misplace or forget the keys and tokens, you will need to regenerate them, which creates new credentials and invalidates the old ones. This means that you will have to update any integrations that you may have set up with your prior credentials.

You will need these credentials to set up the Twitter channel on Proto's platform.

5. Set up the Dev Environments (aka webhook)

  • In the Products > Premium > Dev Environments tab, in the Account Activity API/Sandbox field, click Set up dev environment

  • Provide a Dev environment label and select the App that you created in the previous steps. You will need to provide the label on Proto's platform during the channel configuration process.



Please make sure to allow users to send direct message to your Twitter account. In your Twitter account, go to More > Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Direct Messages > enable Allow message requests from everyone

6. Add keys and tokens generated into Proto AICX platform

  • Go to Twitter channel on the Proto AICX platform. Under the CONFIGURATION tab, paste the API Key, API Key Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret, Dev environment label generated from Step 4 and Step 5 and click SAVE.
  • Go to the SETTINGS tab, enabled the channel and click SAVE.