Intro to AICX

AICX is Artificial Intelligence Customer Experience.

What is AICX?

Proto accelerates inclusion and customer satisfaction rates in emerging markets by leveraging machine learning to understand local customers better. The AICX platform is made up of several modules for 100% of the contact center automation pipeline:

Build - designer for multilingual chatbot dialogue.
Chat - livechat for human and chatbot conversations.
Track - customer cases gathered by chatbots.
Humans - customer profiles for personalized engagement.
Analytics - custom reporting for agent and bot performance.

What languages does HermesAI™ support?

There are hundreds of chatbot vendors around the world, but most don’t build artificial intelligence for local languages. And there’s no easy solution to adapt chatbots to slang and unique terminology.

Proto's HermesAI™ natural language processing engine supports the following languages.

And beyond this, HermesAI™ has deep-learning capability for understanding mixed-language dialogue such as Tag-lish (Tagalog + English) and Yorub-ish (Yoruba + English).

What’s Next