Creating teams

To create teams go to the TEAMS page and click on CREATE TEAM.

A popup will appear. Upload the avatar and enter the team name, then click CREATE.

To edit the settings for a team, click on the pencil icon.


To change the team avatar or name, click the GENERAL tab.

  • To assign the Maximum number of auto-assigned chats an agent can receive at a time, type the number in the “Auto-assigned chats“ field.

  • To edit the time an agent can accept a chat transfer request (in seconds), type the number in the “Transfer request” field. Please refer to the Chat transfer article for more information about transferring a chat.

  • To edit a chat Timeout (automatically end chat) time when a customer doesn't reply (in minutes), type the number in the “Timeout” field.

  • To edit the chat Idle time - time limit on chat without agent reply (in minutes), type the number in the “Idle“ field.

  • To edit the action when the agent is Idle, click on the dropdown list and select a type of action from the menu.

    • Transfer chat to pending
    • Transfer chat to next available agent
    • Do nothing
    • Notify agent


To add agents to a team, click on the AGENTS tab and add agents.

If no agents are added to a team, all incoming chats will be in the Pending list.

Welcome message

To add a welcome message in the chat, click on the WELCOME MESSAGE tab and add welcome message.

Canned replies

Canned replies allow agents to create and select pre-written replies in CHAT. Please refer to the adding canned replies for more information.

To delete a team, click on the trash icon.

Select a fallback team in the popup, then click the DELETE button. Chats will be assigned to the fallback team after the original team is deleted.

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