Trigger block

The trigger block allows the chatbot to start a proactive chat with specific customers, depending on certain criteria. The criteria is determined via API integration with external websites, apps, databases, CRMs, etc.

To add a trigger block to a dialogue flow, click the green human button and select Trigger.


API code

Under the API tab, enter the API code that will enable the trigger and then click SAVE.

The API code will be used as the trigger_name in the trigger message API and the triggerCode in the Proto.sendTrigger('triggerCode') script to allow the chatbot to target specific customers.


Human tags

The trigger block can be set to only accept intents from customers that meet a specific criteria. For example, the criteria could be customers that bought your product in the last 24 hours.

To enable this functionality, you must first create tags.

Once the tags are created, you can select the desired tag under the HUMANS tab in the human message block. The tag will be saved automatically once selected.


Sneak Peek

To enable the pop up notification on the Webchat channel, you can add the {sneakpeek: true} in the send trigger script Proto.sendTrigger('triggerCode', {sneakpeek: true}).


What’s Next