Human message block

The human message block is a customer intent.

An intent is chatbot jargon that refers to the goal of a customer query, which may be expressed with missing information, slang, typos, etc.

For example, a customer might type: "Credit card blocked pls help." The intent behind this message is to unblock a credit card, which will require your chatbot to gather additional identity verification information.

To add a message block, click the green human button and select Message.


True phrases

Under the TRUE tab, type the phrases that your customer might use to express an intent. Using the above example, this might be:

  • Credit card blocked.
  • My credit card stopped working.
  • Unblock my card.


Best practice

Unlike most chatbot builders, you do not need to write every possible phrase for each intent. Proto's chatbots are powered by its HermesAI™ natural language processing engine, which is trained for multilingual intent classification. This means you can write 3-5 phrases only, then move on.

False phrases

The FALSE tab of the message block is used if the intent of a message block is too similar to the intent of another message block. To differentiate these message blocks, you can add phrases that are definitely false.

Using the above example, let's assume there is another message block for "issuing credit card". We do not want this to be confused with "unblock credit card". So the false phrases would be:

  • Issue credit card.
  • I need a credit card.
  • What cards do you have?

Human tags

The human message block can be set to only accept intents from customers that meet a specific criteria. For example, the criteria could be customers that bought your product in the last 24 hours.

To enable this functionality, you must first create the human profile for each user and create tags on their profile.

Once the tags are created, you can select the desired tag under the HUMANS tab in the human message block and set the value of the tags.


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