Carousel block

The carousel block contains multiple cards that the chatbot will send to customers.

A carousel card has an image, title, sub-title, and hyperlinks.

To add a carousel block to a dialogue flow, click the blue chatbot button and select Carousel.

In the carousel block, click ADD to create a card.


Click on the newly added Card to add content.

Upload an image to Card image field and enter a Title and Sub-title.

There are two types of Buttons available:

  • Text buttons will display text once a customer clicks the button.
  • Hyperlink buttons will open a new webpage when a customer clicks the button.



Only JPG/JEPG or PNG files with a maximum file size of 2MB is supported for the Card image.

To add another card, click on the arrow button to go back to the previous menu. You can continue adding more cards by clicking the ADD button.

Enable webview in webchat or Facebook Messenger

Webview will load webpages within the same browser window as the chatbot without switching tabs.



The Webview component is only available on Facebook Messenger and webchat.

To enable Webview in a carousel block, select the Hyperlink button and input the URL of the webpage that you wish to open using Webview - see Note below.



  • To enable Webview in webchat add the webpage domain in bot SETTINGS
  • To enable Webview in Messenger add the webpage domain to your Facebook page settings