Bring Your Own Database

The Bring Your Own Database ("BYOD") feature allows administrators to store all chat data directly on their own servers, rather than on Proto's servers. This can be helpful for companies or countries with strict data protection policies. Access to the BYOD page is restricted to company Admin(s) only.

To configure your own database, simply enable the feature and select the type of database you're using, such as PostgreSQL.

Enter your connection string, for example:postgresql://username:password@host:port/dbname, and test if the database is reachable. Once the configuration is confirmed, click the Save button.

You can view the connection status and any potential issues in the Health Check and Error Log tabs, respectively.



Once you enable BYOD, all chat history from the platform will be stored on your database, and will not be accessible by Proto's servers. Therefore, please you should ensure that your database is configured correctly to avoid losing chat history.