Agent takeover block

The agent takeover block transfers chats with customers from the chatbot to your agents.



Before adding the agent takeover block, you need to have at least one team and agent in Chat.

To add an agent takeover block to a dialogue flow, click the blue chatbot button and select Agent takeover.

Under Default settings, assign a team or multiple teams to takeover the chats by dragging and dropping the desired team from the Disabled teams to Enabled teams.

Takeover by third-party agents enable the transfer of live chat requests directly to the third-party platform that your chatbot is connected to. All live chat messages will be directly transferred to the connected third-party platform and will not appear in Chat. The chat session in Proto's platform will be ended directly when it is transferred to the third-party channel.


Bitrix24 Channel

If you are using Bitrix24 channel in your bot and you'd like to use it for agent takeover, you can enable the "Takeover by third party agents" to directly transfer to the Live Chat in the Bitrix24 platform.

To assign a team to takeover chats for a specific language, disable the Use default slider, and then drag-and-drop the desired team under Enabled teams.

Click SAVE after correctly assigning all teams.


Transfer Chat to Bitrix24 channel agents

Please refer to this documentation on how to transfer the chat from the bot to the agents in your Bitrix24 account.

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