Bot message block

The bot message block are text replies that the chatbot will send to customer intents.

An intent is chatbot jargon that refers to the goal of a customer query, which may be expressed with missing information, slang, typos, etc.

To add a bot message to a dialogue flow, click the blue chatbot button and select Bot message.



Under the PHRASES tab, enter the desired chatbot replies to your customers' intent.


You can add multiple phrases, and the chatbot will randomly select a phrase to reply to the customer intent.



Best practice

It is a good idea to have multiple phrases for popular bot message blocks. This will offer variety in chats with customers.

Quick replies

‍The quick replies are pre-written customer intents in the form of buttons. The customers can select these buttons to deliver their intent.

In the REPLIES tab, enter phrases that match the phrases in human blocks.




Each quick reply must be identical to a phrase in the corresponding human block.



A quick reply has a limit of 20 characters including spaces, in order to match the limitations of multiple messaging apps.



A maximum of 13 quick replies are supported in a bot message block.

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