Chat transfer

Chats can be transferred between different agents and teams.

An agent can transfer their chats to agents in their team or other teams.

A manager or admin can also transfer chats that are assigned to an agent to another agent within the team or in a different team.

To transfer a chat to another agent, click the TRANSFER button on top of the chat.

A popup will appear. Select the team and agent that you would like to transfer the chat, then click TRANSFER.



You can only transfer your chat to agents who set their account status as Online. You will not see the list of agents who set their status as Away.

The agent will receive a notification sound when there is a transfer request. A transfer bar will appear on that agent's chat window showing the agent and the team that sent the transfer request.

To accept a transfer request, click the green icon. To deny a transfer request, click the red icon.



By default the agent is given 30 seconds to accept the chat transfer request. If the chat transfer request is not accepted by the agent, it will be auto assigned back to the agent who sent the transfer or the agent that the chat was originally assigned to.

If the chat is already in a transfer queue, you cannot transfer the chat again to another agent until the receiving agent decline your transfer request.

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